We are happy to help you evaluate the type of training and schedule that will work best for you and your dog

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Blue Max Dog also offers a variety of group classes held in Sharon and Boston, MA.

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It's been an honor to serve our clients since we started in 2000 and we greatly appreciate the positive feedback.

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A commitment to gentle, positive reinforcement

Founded in 2000, Blue Max Dog has helped hundreds of pet dog owners to improve their relationship with their dog by using gentle techniques and positive reinforcement methods.

Blue Max Dog is owned by Carol Ahearn. Carol is an APDT certified dog trainer and an ITC graduate with experience in a variety of environments from private lessons to large classroom settings and workshops. She is an AKC CGC Evaluator and is a member of the behavior department at the Center for Shelter Dogs in Boston where she is involved in dog evaluations, behavior modification programs, and special adoptions. To stay current with the latest methods and findings in dog training, Carol participates in many dog behavior related seminars and courses. See information about upcoming group classes >>

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Just like a human learning to play the piano, or learning a foreign language, it will take your dog a great deal of time and effort to become well-behaved. By using gentle techniques and positive reinforcement methods we will work to make this journey an enjoyable experience for you and your dog.